The MEDIMAR ODONTOLÓGICA team was born professionally in 1986 with the opening of different dental centers in ALTEA, CATRAL and REDOVAN in which we begin to perform a dentistry that begins very soon to be referent in the Vega Baja as well as in the Marina Alta. In 1988 we open up our seat in ALICANTE, located in the premises of VITHAS MEDIMAR HOSPITAL INTERNACIONAL (former San Carlos Clinical Center), undoubtedly the most important private medical center in the province of Alicante.

We can presume to be, if not the first, of the firsts odontoestomatological centers to carry out our work within the scope and the requirements that a hospital of this nature requires in the entire Valencian community.

Since then, 30 years have endorsed us and the treatment carried out to more than 30,000 patients both inhospital and out of hospital makes our company a place in constant evolution and innovation.

At our headquarters we have all the human support (all medical specialties) and all the technological support that a hospital can offer such as VITHAS MEDIMAR HOSPITAL INTERNACIONAL (TAC, Magnetic Resonance, Digital Orthopantomography, Clinical Analysis Laboratories, Operating Theater, Hospital rooms...). All this makes MEDIMAR ODONTOLÓGICA a center with unique and exclusive characteristics.


Our goal is very simple, to get the oral health of you and your family, understanding oral health from both sides, aesthetic and functional. Our philosophy is also very simple, we treat the patient as if it were us, we seek in our work the excellence and we try to make our treatments part of our life. For 30 years we have sought to unite three premises "what can be", "what should be" and "what our patients want".


We have in our human team all the professional categories in dentistry and oral medicine: medical stomatologists, dental doctors, orthodontists, dental graduates, pediatric dentists, dental hygienists, dental clinic assistants are at your service, as well as collaborating medical specialists in different areas, medical anesthesiologists, maxillofacial physicians.

All of them are members of various scientific societies, most notably …??


Also, this team is completed with professionals from the different branches of oral health, dental hygienists, dental assistants, clinical assistants, prosthetics specialists in fixed and removable prostheses.

All together we formed an expert unit in the integral rehabilitation of oral problems, ready at all times at your service.

Nuestro equipo al completo


Técnico en Higiene Bucodental (Higienistas Dentales).


Auxiliar de Clínica Dental.


Técnico en Higiene  Bucodental (Higienistas Dentales).


Técnico en Higiene Bucodental (Higienistas dentales)